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Looking for NppToR beta testers.

I’m very happy to announce that there are great changes coming to NppToR.  There are a few changes under the hood but the biggest change is the announcement of a new feature I call quick keys.

Quick keys lets you define your own commands for easy evaluation in R.  For example, the help command has been moved to the quick keys.  It is still control F1 (^F1) but it is defined in the quickkeys.txt file, don’t work there is a menu shortcut to edit the quick keys.  It is “^F1=$word%” on it’s own line.  The $word$ section is then replaced with the current word as defined by Notepad++.  Unfortunately the period is a word separator in Notepad++, but $word$ also will capture any selection, with selection being given priority.
The $word$ variable is the only variable available for beta testing, but I plan on getting several more, $line$, $file$, $directory$.  If there are any others you want to see, let me know what, and we can see if they can be implemented.
Under the hood, NppToR is converting to unicode AutoHotKey.  This makes the quick keys much easier to implement, but also may have impact on some other areas as well. For this reason officially only interaction with the Unicode version of Notepad++ will be supported from now on.  It will remain a native x86 application, and ther ewill not be a 64 bit version for now.
I’m asking for beta testers to look at beta of NppToR 2.6.0 and let me know the problems that they find.  Due to some of the changes under the hood, there is a noticeable increase in performance, and everyone should be happy about that. The switches under the hood could be bigger than I anticipate and cause some problems.  All I am really asking is for people to use it and report back if they have problems or not.  If you test the beta please post in forum your results.


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