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NppToR 2.4.0 Adds Auto-Completion

I’ve had a wonderful summer, very busy, but now I’ve finally had some time to sit down and program some thing on NppToR that I’ve been wanting to get out.  Thanks to Yihui Xie and his wonderful R script for generating auto-completion files, NppToR now has a dynamic Auto-Completion feature like the Dynamic Syntax generation feature.   Special thanks to Yihui for allowing it’s inclusion in NppToR.  Auto completion files can be installed from a menu command, but it usually requires admin privileges.

There were also some big changes in the installation.  The installer now allows for a global install option.  I had a few requests for it so I’ve added it.  BTW if the installer is run with the global (i.e. with admin privileges) option, the auto-completion files will be installed as part of the installation process.

For those of you who like the silent evaluation option, that has been updated to work more effectively and I’m looking forward to hearing feedback either positive or negative.

There were quite a few changes deep in the code this release and so any regressions (things not working the way that they should), please notify me right away. You can do that at the forums.

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