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New Toy package wingui

A new toy package that I have been playing with has just been submitted to CRAN.  I called it wingui.  It works off the original windows R GUI.  The idea is to be able to adjust the advanced attributes for the window through a reference object GUI.  Right now it only allows for changing the title however I also plan on adding support for transparency and always on top, attributes.

I wrote this because I am forced to work in a secure environment where I often have to leave many long programs running for different projects.  The Idea that you can change the title of a window to be the project that it is associated with was very appealing to me, so I went ahead and programmed it.  There was some navigating the windows API, that once I now have in place it will be easier to add other attributes for.

If you have ideas of attributes that you would like to see added, file an issue over at the github page (

Now here is fair warning, if you use my NppToR program with notepad++, changing the title at the moment will break NppToR.  I am working on fixing this, but in the spirit of open source, I am releasing it knowing this might cause problems for people.


Well It turns out that the package will not be going onto CRAN, however for those of you still interested you can download and install from github directly.

install_github("wingui", "halpo")


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